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Otakorp Brand

Otakorp · December 2010 — August 2014

For the past several years, I’d been lucky enough to work with a brand as distinguished as Otakorp. Started in 1994 as the Otakon convention, Otakorp is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose focus is on using East Asian popular culture as a gateway to increase understanding of East Asian culture.

Otakorp grew to not only organizing Otakon, but also several other events to promote understanding and awareness of East Asian culture. Among those include a sister convention, Otakon Vegas, Otakon Matsuri, and a music festival.

Along with my team, I branded these events in addition to various other necessary components, such as a comprehensive signage system.

The Otakon 2012 logo was designed with Jeff Heller.

The Otakon 20 logo was designed with Marvin Vinluan.

The Otakon Matsuri logo was designed with Nikki Puccio.